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Effective Date: January 1, 2015 Rationale: In 2012 the NCAA, with the input and support of the USTA, adopted and expanded eligibility criteria for Division I tennis that is more liberal than the USTA Regulations and allows all prospective student athletes (American and international) to accept a limited amount of prize money prior to full-time collegiate enrollment without jeopardizing their amateur status.

This amendment permits American juniors to have the same financial advantages as international players who are seeking a college scholarship in tennis without losing the ability to compete in USTA junior tournaments.

The mud-slinging that ensued -- tit-for-tat news conferences with the Humane Society of the United States and a USDA-disputed claim that the government did not share its "scientific" swab testing formulas -- seemed out of place following the first soring prosecutions in 40 years and hidden-camera videos of horse abuse.

This year's 11-day Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration struggled most nights to fill even half of the 30,000-seat Calsonic Arena.

While there is currently no prize money prohibition, the amateurism rules effectively keep this practice from taking place.

Without this amendment, junior tournaments would be permitted to offer prize money.

Celebration diehards said they were surprised at the number of police and security guards. The largest walking horse industry groups, the Celebration and its lay inspector group dubbed SHOW, are fighting tougher federal mandatory soring penalties. And with eight cases made in the past 18 months -- the first in the Horse Protection Act's 40-year history -- there is opportunity for quite a bit of goverment-witness "cooperation." The Humane Society of the United States, which made hidden-camera videos of abuse in trainer Jackie Mc Connell's barn and presented it to prosecutors to make their case, is calling for owners and show managers to be charged next.

Celebration announcers gave a first-ever warning about what the audience should do in the event of a "disruption." In the end, the paramount question is whether the walking horse world, soiled again by concerns of animal abuse, will find reform -- something both industry and animal rights groups say they want. Claiming they worry about fairness because not all horse shows have equal oversight, they have challenged the new rules, saying tougher penalties will simply drive competitors to mom-and-pop shows. Department of Agriculture, which enforces the Horse Protection Act, has begun a process to decertify SHOW, which stands for Sound Horses, Honest Judging, Objective Inspections, Winning Fairly. Three defendants pleaded guilty and await sentencing in Chattanooga's U. SHAPING THE DEBATE The country was shocked this summer by video on prime-time news showing Jackie Mc Connell and his stablehands abusing horses in the name of training them to step high.

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Celebration officials said USDA inspectors wrote five times the number of citations for scar rule violations -- one indicator of soring -- during the first week of competition as were written during the entire Celebration last year. Chuck Fleischmann, R-Tenn., of what she called "retaliatory behavior on the part of USDA inspectors." She released a letter from Fleischmann to Rep.

With the widely publicized crackdown on horse abuse in the months leading up to the event, this 74th Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration promised to be a powder keg. The disqualification of eight horses for soring violations or illegal equipment halfway through the first night lit an already smoldering fuse.

Midway through the 11-day Celebration, the industry claimed that "independent" inspectors offering a second opinion indicated many horses were "wrongly" dismissed.

World grand champion walking horse - Walk Time Charlie, owned by Holland, Kilgore & Callicutt of Decatur Ala.

The Reserve Champion - I'm Copperfield, owned by Mike Walden, of Chattanooga Junior World Grand Champion (4-year-olds) - Honors, owned by Dan, Keith and Kelley Mc Swin, of Gainesville and Duluth, Ga.US Adult Soccer Open Cup champion West Chester United (Pennsylvania) and US Adult Soccer Amateur Cup champion Quinto Elemento (Kansas) also featured in this year’s contest.