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The sehra is made from either flowers, beads, tinsel, dry leaves, or coconuts.

The most common sehra is made from fresh marigolds.

In Judaism, Christianity and Islam the concept of covering the head is or was associated with propriety and modesty.

Most traditional depictions of the Virgin Mary, the mother of Christ, show her veiled.

Its has been advocated as a safe space for girls and women who may not be comfortable with showing their bodies in swimwear, or are of conservative beliefs rooted in a number of different religions, including Islam.

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Veiling of Arab Muslim women became especially pervasive under Ottoman rule as a mark of rank and exclusive lifestyle, and Istanbul of the 17th century witnessed differentiated dress styles that reflected geographical and occupational identities.

In Italy, veils, including face veils, were worn in some regions until the 1970s.

Women in southern Italy often covered their heads to show that they were modest, well-behaved and pious.

The Romans apparently thought of the bride as being "clouded over with a veil" and connected the verb nubere (to be married) with nubes, the word for cloud.

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For many centuries, until around 1175, Anglo-Saxon and then Anglo-Norman women, with the exception of young unmarried girls, wore veils that entirely covered their hair, and often their necks up to their chins (see wimple).A veil is an article of clothing or hanging cloth that is intended to cover some part of the head or face, or an object of some significance.