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12-Jan-2018 23:22

No problem stopping our eastward trek at any time and jumping into a rental car to arrive at New Bedford. Unfortunately, I have to bow out of BACfest due to last minute non-weather related conflict.A big positive today is fantastic flying weather to the west,which will give us multiple options to transfer from wings to wheels. If I was going, it looks like I would have driven... Flying towards a dark area is usually a good idea but sometimes you will need to make several course adjustments. You are in an ion storm and have to reach the storm exit before you can jump out of the sector. According to the Vendetta back story you need to be at least 3000m away from all large objects.As a rule, I would not expect your flight to depart if they were not reasonably sure that the winds predicted at the time of arrival would fall within their operational capabilities.Paul and I jump into his Sierra this morning and head north from Norfolk (KORF). Tentative plan is to land KABE and then study that last leg into KEWB.

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It is the dock you come out of the station, NOT the dock you get into the station HOW DO I JUMP/WARP?

When you reach 3000m you should have a message near the bottom of your HUD. Check you navigation map to see if you have a new sector selected.

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