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29-Nov-2017 00:55

Once the installation of the external tools are complete and done, it's time to get things rolling.

First create a new and empty folder where you would like your SSU installation. Once that folder have been created, right-click on it and a context menu should appear. In window that comes up, in the field that has the label "URL of repository" add this:

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This is used to be for Orbiter 2010-P1 but it now contains the Orbiter 2016 files.

Then verify that the Checkout directory (second field) is the folder of your SSU installation (in this case, C:\SSU). Tortoise SVN will now retrieve all the files from the SSU repository on Source

This should become available through Windows Update once you have installed VC 2010.This is just Tortoise SVN's way of telling that it has detected some files that it monitors for changes have changed.This is easily fixed by right-clicking on the folder and going Tortoise SVNRevert... Once the reverting is complete, the folder should have a green checkmark on it.Once it is done the log should report that the rebuild was successful.

Now you should have the knowledge required to keeping your SSU installation updated and not be dependent on the occasional precompiled module releases.Then find the file called "Atlantis_2010.sln" (it might be just called "Atlantis_2010" if you haven't enabled the display of file extensions). Once everything has been loaded, make sure in the top-left field it says "Release", then just go Build Build Solution or you can just press F7. Now find the folder named "Space Shuttle Ultra" and then open the subfolder named "Testing scenarios".

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