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Each time I spoke about the US, I used “we” to refer to Americans. ” I stared resolutely across the tracks to the opposite side of the subway station, determined to ignore this stranger who had wandered over and – after issuing a cursory, unanswered “Hello!But when the boys spoke about France, they used “they” to refer to the French. ” – begun interrogating me about my racial origins. ” Do I ever, I thought to myself as I mentally listed all the curse words I wanted to unleash on him.Skype: Doll Chlooe (écrit par mail) Mais je ne réponde que si message accompagné d'une photo.

I struggled to put my finger on it, when it suddenly hit me.

When he found out that I had Chinese heritage, he was extremely enthusiastic. ” he exclaimed as if we had uncovered an intimate connection, instead of one that is completely statistically unremarkable given that one fifth of the world’s population is Chinese (also, pro tip: Chinese American is from Chinese, culturally).

However, recognizing that this person was only trying to be friendly, I refrained from shooting back a wide-eyed “No way! ” Instead, I smiled and nodded as if he had just conveyed a curious novelty.

Smiling a lot and wearing big, shiny earrings, etc. While Paris is my HQ, I’ve traveled to other parts of the country and found it consistently awesome. w=584" class=" wp-image-334 " alt="Napolean and Asian baby me" src="

To me, they sounded perfectly integrated into French society. They were born in France, and in my mind, they were French.

I wondered if I was reading too much into things, but I couldn’t shake the impression that the boys didn’t think of themselves as French. Unfortunately, their meanings would have been lost on him, a non-native speaker, and I feared that engaging him in any fashion would only provoke further interaction.