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13-Dec-2017 09:41

In fact, it’s the basis of everything I teach in my “Dating Dish.” Have a drama-free day!

Your friend, Paige —————————————————————- Copyright 2007 Dating Without Drama Inc. “Dating Without Drama” and “DWD” are trademarks used by Dating Without Drama Inc.

” * * * * * * * * * * * * If you’ve found YOURSELF in the middle of a man’s “Pre-Attachment Freak Out” and need immediate reassurance, I highly recommend that you download my e-book “Dating Without Drama ” and flip straight to Chapter 12.

There, I’ll talk you through his confusing behavior, teach you how to read his signals, and give you an action plan for handling this difficult time.

He has told me twice he wants a relationship and to be married. Now mind you, this is his fear of the CONCEPT of commitment, not fear of a commitment with YOU.

The “Drama of the Week” is from a reader whose boyfriend just might be displaying a TEXTBOOK CASE of what I call the “Pre-Attachment FREAK OUT.” Read on for a real-life example of how to handle this delicate situation… In it, I talk about the fact that men tend to panic as a relationship starts to get serious.

************************************************************ ************************************************************ Here’s a letter I received the other day from a reader: “Paige, I’m confused. This is usually a result of the “infatuation” phase running its course (this is not a bad thing and it’s no one’s fault – as I explain in Chapter 12 – it’s all chemical! The next phase is “attachment,” where your commitment to one another is solidified, you’re on the same page emotionally, and you can start looking toward your future together.

Give him a little time to sit with his feelings and sort things out.

Like I say in Chapter 12, chances are he’ll come to the conclusion that he can’t live without you on his own.

Let’s just enjoy each other’s company and see where this goes… ” Just the reassurance that comes from him knowing that you’re willing to take things one day at a time might be enough to help him settle down, process his fears and concerns, and come to the realization that you’re a total keeper!