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16-Aug-2017 00:23

"The aims for organising the Blue Diamond National Sport Competition 2012 are to mainstream LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people) into the larger society, promote healthy lifestyles, encourage physical fitness, and promote health mentally and spiritually," said Pant.Nepal is a conservative, Hindu country which nonetheless has some of the most progressive policies on homosexuality in Asia.Is Twist a fairly comfortable environment for people who are new to the "scene" (so new that they feel the need to use quotation marks on the word "scene"?)Admittedly I've never been to a club in my entire life.Asia already stages the "Asia-Pacific Outgames", another multi-sport gay event, but this has only been hosted by New Zealand and Australia.Nepal's version which is due to take place in late September will be the first in Asia.A landmark 2007 court ruling ordered the government to enact laws guaranteeing the rights of gays.

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I just know I'm never going to make any friends at home, so I wanted to give it a try.Why would gay guys be interested in every guy they saw?