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GC Fractionation Enhances Microbial Community Diversity Assessment and Detection of Minority Populations of Bacteria by Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis.

Optimization of Annealing Temperature To Reduce Bias Caused by a Primer Mismatch in Multitemplate PCR.

She handed him her business card and, a few days later, he contacted her. Two years later, when Rebeil filed a request to lower his payment, a judge denied his request and, instead, more than doubled the amount he was supposed to pay. Young launched a Web site, describing him as a father dodging child support.

Rebeil was outraged, and sued Young to get her to take down the site. But publicity about Young’s legal drama changed her life.

COSTA MESA Jennifer Young digs into a late breakfast of chicken enchiladas, her son, Cole, 8, by her side.

She urges him to eat his chocolate pancakes and apple sauce.

It seems likely that in many environments there will be variable amounts of non-target DNA (e.g.

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This is because the primer dimers are double-stranded, and are A-tailed (if you are using Taq polymerase) just as the PCR product of the correct size.

These standards have fluorescent tags that fluoresce at different wavelengths than the fluorescent molecules attached to the unknown PCR product. The caveat is as the authors note, besides expense, “that access to an expensive laser-scanning instrument is required, which may limit widespread use of this application at this time.” One other thing: since the sensitivity is increased by this method, the authors could reduce the number of PCR cycles required to generate enough DNA for DGGE. I have had poor luck when I accidentally ordered GC clamps for both primers, but it appears this can vary according to the primer set.

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