Melyssa ford dating

04-Nov-2017 17:44

It’s been a long journey for Ford following her modeling career.

Her personal and career struggles have lead her to lose what fortune she had amassed wearing skimpy clothes on the covers of men’s magazines. In the series she claimed she filed for bankruptcy.

During the span of her vixen career she’s done 20 music videos.

Melyssa’s first video was in 1997 for Glenn Lewis called “The Thing To Do”.Some of her most prolific relationships included Tyrese, music producer Bryan Michael-Cox, football player Kerry Rhodes and most recently Flo Rida.The two met while she was interviewing him at Sirius XM. The two had nothing in common and she says the relationship was “limited.” In 2011 they rekindles their relationship while he was dating model Eva Pigford from America’s Next Top Model.Former video vixen, model and television host Melyssa Ford joins the cast of Bravo’s new series Blood, Sweat and Heels.

Ford is joined by a group of women trying to breakout in the entertainment industry in the cutthroat atmosphere of New York.During her successful modeling career her big a**, skinny waist, big boobs and pretty eyes was enough to have dozens of high profiled men courting her.