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30-Nov-2017 06:15

I didn't say violent as in robbing people and stealing cars and that stuff (although there are people who have stolen cars and shit like that from being influenced by GTA, look it up, it's happened a few times but that's not really anything to worry about when it happens 1/50,000,000 times).

The point of the article was not raging while playing video games, but making them be a bit more aggressive/hostile.

His business is just to help people die," she said."He has no real consideration for their story or their life or what was going on.

If you would like support and advice, you can talk to one of our Family Support Workers by calling our confidential helpline on 08.

His mother Judi Taylor has told the ABC that people in an online forum called Peaceful Pill, run by Exit International, needlessly facilitated her son's suicide."I think he was coached to his death.

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He said Mr Taylor had lied to gain access to the forum, claiming he was 65 years old.He'd taught in schools in South Korea, he'd always been a very independent person," she said."I used to speak to him on Skype quite regularly and through email and we never picked up a thing (indicating) that he wasn't travelling well or was depressed, or that he had decided there was no other option other than this one."Ms Taylor said the website needed to be taken down, and a national inquiry should be held into Exit International and Dr Nitschke."He's hardly a doctor at all.He's not in the business of helping people or saving their lives.yea but one of my friend is 15 y/o cod fan which shoots people irl ...

i mean it is disturbing, he knows every single weapon or military vehicle names he shoots with his "weapons and "reloads" them and i dont think he is crazy or sthing , actually he is smart but cod tho ... Aspects that I enjoy about the game aren't the violence but the quick thinking, decisiveness, reaction based aiming, team play, strategies, etc.

My 13-year-old is pestering me for it, but in general I don't allow him to play shooter games. GMOD is not really violent, but there is violent play modes and some blood; its more of like hide and seek kinda stuff.