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19-Oct-2017 23:59

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That is, the symptoms agree with those from the site which investigated the Skyscan radio clock problem.

My guess is that the La Crosse clocks of that era use the same type of integrated circuit and share the manufacturing defect: the firmware fault symptoms described on that site.

I checked the clock against NIST time via the net and they agreed within a second, i.e. Clearly the clock can receive the NIST signal, decode it and synchronize its display, verifying that the clock's electronics are working.

After a couple weeks the clock had again drifted by over a second so it does not sync more than once after the batteries are installed, although the tower icon remains ON.

We bought these 18-inch Atomic Metal Copper Outdoor Clocks with Thermometer (Model: 50314) for display in both our men's and women's spa area last summer.

Unfortunately when daylight savings time ended in October, neither of these clocks will keep the right time.

Hi Halli, We will be happy to help you with your clocks. DO NOT use heavy duty, extra strength, ultra, industrial, super, max, ultra, plus, gold, rechargeable or lithium batteries. Using the time-setting wheel, located on the back of the clock, set the hands to the hour closest to the current time. Remove battery and press and release the red/blue button one time.7. It's best to not push any buttons and just let the clock set itself by waiting 72 hours.

Hi Regina, We are glad to hear that you got the clock set properly. Intelli-Time technology is not radio-controlled, but instead it uses a pre-installed battery to store the time and date settings until the product is powered on by batteries or power adapter.

The clock is nine years old and electronic components do fail in that time.The failure can pass as a problem due to the electronics deteriorating due to age or due to a change in modulation of the NIST radio - but a VERY simple check (see below) can eliminate these as the cause.