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20-Dec-2017 16:26

Pushing real-time data into an Arc SDE geodatabase for immediate consumption by end users can be challenging.However, with the advent of Microsoft's SQL Server 2008 and Esri support for the built-in SQL Server 2008 spatial data types, real-time updating of Arc SDE feature classes in SQL Server 2008 has gotten easier.To get each point in our geometry, we can modify our query slightly by adding the STAs Text() method to the SHAPE instance as shown in Listing 3.POLYGON (( -77.0532238483429 37.870863029297695, -77.054682970047011 37.873043146674689, -77.057880163192763 37.872800914712734, -77.058491706848145 37.870219840133124, -77.055562734603882 37.8690670969385, -77.0532238483429 37.870863029297695)) An important step in this process is setting the spatial extent of our feature class and adding a spatial index.Full documentation of these methods can be found on the MSDN site (search for "spatial data type method reference").

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So how can real-time data be pushed to an Arc SDE geodatabase?

These SQL statements can be issued to your Arc SDE database (in this example, it is called City) through SQL Server Management Studio.

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