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07-Jul-2017 04:54

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Downside: They support 50 other social networks and the way the list is arranged is a complete mess. Psolenoid is an easy-to-use app to link your Tumblr posts to related posts from other blogs. tarpipe is an amazing web app that helps you automate publishing and sharing of your tumblogs (and other blog posts) by using workflows triggered by emails, IM’s and other apps.

It enables reciprocal link exchange between the Tumblr post and a relevant post from a different blog, bringing in a new set of readers to your tumblog. Using tarpipe, you can post your tumblog simultaneously to 22 other social networks & blogging platforms.

Your mobile carrier may charge access fees depending upon your individual plan. Check with your carrier for specific fees and charges.

We securely encrypt all wireless communication with you.

Postling is a full featured web app that allows you to publish across multiple platforms in a single click. helps you to add heartful content of music to your tumblog.

The WYSIWYG editor has more formatting options than the standard Tumblr editor. Since tumblr restricts music uploads to one mp3 file a day, you can to create playlists and publish in your tumblog. is a very popular multiple social network management platform.

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Tumbltape turns audio posts from any Tumblr blog with audio files into a playlist.In your tumblr audio post use the “advanced” button to enter a tag like tt:artist name – track name, to skip a song enter tt:skip.

Right now, recent data show that more than 80% of sexually active MSM who meet new partners are meeting online in San Francisco, and then what Deb mentioned is approximation that allows people in dense urban areas who are interested to meet up very quickly in a short amount of time.… continue reading »

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In a healthy relationship, both partners should feel comfortable bringing up potential problems and working on them together — one person shouldn't have to walk on eggshells in fear of upsetting their partner."[An emotionally immature partner] becomes extremely defensive over even the smallest of things, especially if they are in the wrong," Davis says.… continue reading »

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Their circle of friends included oddballs Lenny and Squiggy, and Shirley's sweet boyfriend Carmine. … continue reading »

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Thirty-nine percent judge grammar, 37% their teeth and smile, and 35% their outfit.… continue reading »

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The Zambezi flows southeast in a wide bed before plunging suddenly 108 meters over the Victoria Falls into a narrow gorge.… continue reading »

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Pair the performance with a delicious meal, and you have the perfect plans to celebrate an occasion, impress a first date, or fill an empty evening with someone you love.… continue reading »

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Naturally, people on a dating site are looking, and they won't mind if you hit on them or contact them.… continue reading »

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