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A couple of weeks ago the city revealed an internal investigation and a civilian review board determined the two officers violated department policies.Hartney this week complained the police body camera footage should not have been publicly released until the investigation was completed.In Grondahl's world, cellular telephones, too many children and Franklin Planners all come under fire as root causes of coitus interruptus. --Paul Swenson, Salt Lake Tribune Calvin Grondahl is the editorial cartoonist for the Standard Examiner in Ogden, Utah.He is the author of Faith Promoting Rumors, Freeway to Perfection, Marketing Precedes the Miracle, Sunday's Foyer, and Utah and All That Jazz, and illustrator for Saintspeak: The Mormon Dictionary and Music and the Broken Word: Songs for Alternate Voices.Beneath a living-room galley of cherished child photos, a Mormon mom holds the hand of her Neanderthal son."Harold," she says to her stunned husband, "look at the beautiful tattoo our beautiful boy just got." His bulging bicep is enscripted with a "Families Are Forever" banner and Utah's most familiar temple.

Despite its hot summers, the average snowfall in the mountains near Salt Lake City is 500 inches! The webcam is located located 8.5 miles southeast of Salt Lake City, Utah, at an elevation of 5070 feet.

One newly-minted couple regulates their sex life with the ubiquitous Franklin Planner.

A wife asks her husband why they never hold hands like the male-male couple they just passed.

His first employment after graduating from Brigham Young University (where he drew for the campus Daily Universe) was with the Salt Lake City Deseret News, where he stayed for many years before landing his current spot with the Examiner.

Okay--this isn't an atlas of Utah bedrooms or highways.

Some of Grondahl's humor may not reach to far out of the western half of the U. But for those of us who live in or near Utah, this is like looking in on our neighbors, and sometimes, in the mirror.