Wowprogress not updating achievements

13-Jan-2018 11:57

My guild is having a lot of trouble updating wow progress. Also, with the addition of LFR, wowprogress is no longer reliable.

It either gets stuck on checking for an infinite amount of time or says no new boss kills when there are. My character is 4/8 normal 10, I have updated it 15 times today but it only shows hagara. In the case of our guild, the 1st week it was showing us 1/8, being hagara the boss shown, which ofc was BS cause we were not at that point yet and wowprogress counted our kill (it was like 6 guildies) in LFR. Still have to get credit for council in Tot4W and a bunch of bosses in Bo T.

p=15157686&viewfull=1#post15157686 Well, I'm going to look at Guild OX, thanks for the recommendation. i have a little (u) next to my toons in the guild character list ... I have emailed Wo WProgress twice over a couple of months asking for assistance ...

Having an issue where trying to update the guild's 10man progress with 5 offline people it not working.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Wo W Progress and it's why I'm upset that it doesn't appear to be working correctly.

I am not trying to offend you, it's just apparent to me that there is a bug in the system.

(I don't know if 5 is enough to count either, if memory serves correct I think it is like 7 or 8 members) You need to update all of the members armories through wowprogress so it will show their respective kills and that should then update your guild progress.

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Proving Grounds, Damage Proving Grounds, Tanks Proving Grounds, Healers - Sim DPS Rankings based on Simulation Craft 6.0.3 Release 15 - Raid Boss Speed Kill Rankings - fastest guilds win.Audience of all the clones nearly non-existing comparing to Wo WProgress I've personally killed first 4 bosses, and my profile shows the only boss you can't get to without without killing the first 3, so something is wrong with the updating, and the date on that Hagara is completely way off too.And the people I raid with their personal profile is also showing second half kills and nothing in the first half of DS.We got out zon ozz kill tonight and when I attempt to use any combination of our 10man it either says nothing to be updated or beth tilac and rhyolith which were updated a long time ago. When you use the update button, it will scan guild achievements from the API.

it also still says 1/8 on the page so it isn't properly updating. So instead of the update button (the simplest method) you're trying to use the updating tool: The updating tool (for 10/25-man, heroic kills and meta-achievements) It says you that you should use the tool when you want to update your heroic kills or you want to explicitly update 25-man kills or you want to add raid achievements. Guild achievements on the API updated not instantly.

If you were to look at my guild, and our 10 man kills, you would see that we have killed Warmaster Blackhorn, yet he doesn't appear under the t13(10) ranking.