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09-Jul-2017 09:23

The folks at have made a compelling case that digital dungeon diving might be better for your love life than

Have you fostered a romantic connection with an online gaming companion?

Hall’s data suggests that these marriages may actually be happier than those that start offline.

But not all online courtships are created equal: Those started on “online communities” such as Second Life and World of Warcraft might be less satisfying than the others, according to Hall’s survey.

It's why many players believe that they come to know each other faster and better than, say, people who meet over a few dates.

Online interaction isn't for everybody — some people prefer to get to know someone in-person as quickly as possible.

But for some people, getting to know each other virtually can take the edge off those often stressful early conversations.

I've advocated for swift in-person meetings in the past, but I also use IM as my primary method of communication with my best friend, and I know it's too simplistic to say that online conversations are less "real" than offline ones. One problem with the chat and message functions on online dating sites is that there's not always that much to talk about.

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But taking the early stages of dating online could make these early stages, at least, a lot safer. Rosenbloom writes about gamer Hannah Romero's first declaration of love for her now-husband: Speaking of emotions, the first time she let Dreadmex know she loved him, she did so in the game, and then swiftly logged off. That can lead to more-honest conversations, and fewer misunderstandings.The age discrepancy, he notes in the study, is easily explained: Younger people adopted social media more quickly, and tend to have a wider network of friends online.Presumably, this cohort spends enough time online to feel that “friends-of-friends” on Facebook are just as worthwhile romantic pursuits as “friends-of-friends” offline.Who’s finding the love of their life on social media?

According to Hall’s data, people who reported meeting their spouse on social media were significantly younger than those in other areas of the web and spent more hours of the week online than those who used dating websites.Despite the growing popularity of online dating networks, they still don't hold a candle to gaming juggernauts like World of Warcraft in terms of user base and interaction.